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Brand NEW Lash Lift and Brow Lamination now in Click Pens


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London Brows lash lift

Is improved and now available in pens. The pens make them so simple to dispense the product onto the lashes and brows. It can lift even the thickest, straightest lashes easily, and the results are always incredible. It is also registered on the European Safety portal, making it the safest lash perm in the world. Safety is everything when we are working with our client’s eyes, and it should be a number one priority of every lash artist as well. If you are tired of seeing a client’s lashes being fried by using perms that are too strong, then purchase our amazing product.


Our Lash lift glue is used to attach the natural lashes onto the perm rods.  I also use it to tame unruly brow hairs before I perm the brow hairs. What do our new lift products in pens accomplish? No more sachets of products, that are thrown away after one use even though there is still unused product left over. This lessens wastage, and increases the money going into your pocket. Its literally a click and dispense product. My click pens have worked solidly without effecting the product for 2 months.


Our lash lift kits include the following products:

  • Lift glue to attach silicone pads and lashes to the pads
  • Curl #1 to perm the lashes by using using the product only 1/3-1/2 way up the rods (6-12 min depending on the lash or brow hairs thickness)
  • Set #2 to close the cuticle of the lash (ONLY 90 seconds) Remove with wet Q tip or cotton round.
  • Seal #3 is a keratin boost to inject super nourishing ingredients into the lashes. Leave product on
  • 5 lifting plastic rods
  • 3 bags silicone rods
  • 3 Y shaped lash combs to easily comb the lashes onto the rod when the Fix is tacky

See our BLOGS for detailed instructions on how to use these products for a lash lift or brow lamination. SAVE money by using the same product for both procedures.

Brand NEW Lash Lift and Brow Lamination now in Click Pens


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Lift Glue, Curl #1, Set #2, Seal #3, Full Kit