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Ecuri Soft Brow Removy 10ml



Ecuri Soft Brow Removy

Soft Brow Removy is a gentle and safe product that removes dark or faulty eyebrow pigmentation. Ecuri Soft Brow Removy gradually breaks the crystal structure of the pigment in the skin. In this way, your own skin rejects the pigment easily. Your eyebrow will become lighter within a few applications of this product. To remove it completely, you will have to repeat the treatment several times.

I have used this product successfully to remove body tattoos.

How to apply Soft Brow Removy:

Puncture the skin with a 5 point shader needle. Be sure to not go too deeply. Rub the Removy well into the open skin. The skin will become white. Brow Removy extracts the unwanted pigment from the skin.

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