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Baltic Brows Blades 17 Flex (Classic)


These classic blades are perfect for easy to draw strokes. Each box contains 10 single-use, sterile blades.


Baltic Brows Blades 17 Flex

Blades. Surgical grade 316 stainless steel is used for our needles, which are the thinnest blades in the industry – we have 0.20mm hard blades and even 0.18mm flexible blades! Because of this, you can get crispy strokes and reduce skin trauma. Typically blades are 0.25mm in our industry, which is really traumatic for skin and creates quite thick strokes when healed. These 0.18-0.20mm blades are an amazing opportunity to get the most realistic strokes when healed! Our blades are set at a 45° angle which is perfect for curving strokes. Also, all needle tips are longer than standard to improve the flexibility of the blade when curving strokes.


Brushes.  There are two special brushes for rubbing the pigment into strokes. They are extremely soft so they don’t cause additional trauma for skin yet still ensure that all strokes will be full of pigment. Healed results are much better when using our brushes. Each blister package contains 2 brushes – one is usually used for applying anesthesia and another for applying pigment.


Handle. We designed nice short and thin handle that it would be easy and comfortable to use. The handle has also a black rubber part which is softer and not slippery for fingers.


Sterilization. Our manual permanent makeup disposable tools are manufactured in a sterile room facility, sterilized with EO gas, and inserted into safe blister packing. This ensures that each tool will arrive in safe condition. You will be able to download sterilization certificates in our shop.


Packaging. We provide blister packing which comes with lot number, manufacture, and expiration dates. There are 10 disposable tools per box. You can choose one type of tool or sampler (miscellaneous) pack. ISO certified.



  • Sterile
  • Comes with 2 special  brushes to rub the pigment in – for better retention
  • Extra-safe blister packaging
  • Longer needles tips – more flexibility
  • Extremely thin 0.18/0.20mm! Crispy strokes and less trauma for skin!
  • Single-use
  • Log number
  • Expiration date
  • ISO certified
  • The blade is made of surgical stainless steel
  • Ready to use. Safe individual package
  • Comes in a beautifully designed box
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Weight 1 kg