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Amazing 8D Premade Volume Lashes in Silk 0.05 C & D curl


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8D Premade Volume Lashes

8D Premade Volume Lashes are the hottest item to hit the lash industry in years. Gone are the days when premade had ugly bases with rubber glue. Now they are heated to bond the bases, creating thin bases and causing no added weight to the lash fans. Instead, they are now much lighter than previous offerings that were available.


I choose to order 8D in C and D curl, in 0.05 as I felt that the 0.07 in 8D was too heavy for the natural lash. These are perfect! When the natural lash is shorter or thinner, I break apart the fan and use half of the fan. It’s super easy to do, and I love the way I can still make them look good. I used these on some clients before the corona shut down, and these fans stayed in place until their natural lashes shed.


I love them and offer them for an EXPRESS volume set, as it’s as simple as separating the natural lashes, and attaching on a fan in around the same time as it takes to do a classic set of lashes. Time is money and these lashes will pay for themselves.

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