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Prebonder Lash Primer for Extensions



Lash Primer for Extensions

This EU-approved lash primer for extensions is exactly what you need to prep the natural lashes to get the best results for your client’s extensions. Have your clients wash their natural lashes, and apply the eye pads to their lower lashes. Then using lip wands, apply a small amount to the natural lashes before you begin your lash service. This product will improve the adhesion of the lash adhesive to give your clients optimal results.


I also use this primer to prep the lashes and brows for a lash lift and brow lamination. This helps the perm products work optimally.

  • This is a custom formulation made to optimize the results you get from using our ADDY.
  • 15 ml airless pump bottle with our signature teal color
  • Always use on clients with oily skin types


EU Approved Teal Primer by London Brows, Custom formulation to be used with ADDY.

  • 10ml Airless pump bottle
  • Use with oily skin clients
  • Use for first-time clients
  • Avoid contact with skin
  • European Union approved


Download: Material Safety Data Sheet

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Weight .25 kg