Which One is Right for you, Classic or Volume Lash Extensions?

Which One is Right for you, Classic or Volume Lash Extensions?

We get asked what the difference is between classic and volume lashes all the time, by new prospective lash extension clients. So how do you know which service would be your best option for your lifestyle.  We will try to guide you to help you make the correct choice, as there are many factors to consider. We will explain the differences between classic or volume lash extensions, to make this choice simpler for you. 

Lash extensions can truly help simplify your makeup routine, and shave off precious time each morning as you get ready for your day. We are often asked by new clients for a natural lash look by new clients, and we often suggest classic lash extensions for those who have a lot of natural lashes. Classic lashes are done by attaching one lash extension, to one natural lash. So basically a classic lash set will enhance what Mother Nature gave you. We have lots of clients who have lots of straight lashes, and this is a great way to give them a curl, without the damaging effects of a lash curler. A classic lash set is also a great way to try out lash extensions, and see how they suit your lifestyle. You can always book a volume fill at a later stage, to give you a denser lash look. 

A Classic Designer Lash Extension Set 

Volume lashes are a great way to get a fuller lash line, that can either look very natural, or like your eyelashes were on steroids. The look we can create is up to you, although we are restricted by what Mother Nature has given you naturally. A volume lash set is  done using a different method, than what we do for classic lash extensions. A volume extension set is created by making a fan using very light lashes, and placing each fan on one natural lash. Depending on the length, and thickness of your natural lash, the sky is the limit! We are either able to only use 3 thin lashes per fan, or up to 15 lashes per fan. We are able to create either a very natural lash look, or a mega full lash look, or somewhere in between. 

A Volume Lash Extension Set 

We find that most ladies who start out with classic lash extensions, soon love them so much, that they want a fuller looking lash set, and switch over to volume lashes. We can’t blame them, as volume lashes rock. So if you are on the fence about what would suit you and your lifestyle, book a classic lash extension set. If you want a fuller denser lash look, then book a volume lash set. 


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