London Brows Bespoke Lash Adhesive

London Brows Bespoke Lash Adhesive

London Brows Launches BESPOKE a Brand NEW Lash extension Adhesive

It has been 5 1/2 years since London Brows set the lash world alight by being the first company to introduce a clear adhesive to the market. They were also the FIRST company to develop adhesives that work with low or high humidity levels. Kim has tested hundreds of adhesives since the launch of ADDY, and NOT ONE of them have measured up to her demanding standards, including some recent adhesive launches, that have been hyped up in the lash world. 

Kim has decided to call this new adhesive BESPOKE! Why? Bespoke means “made especially for YOU.” She had you, the super fast lash diva, in mind, while designing this adhesive. She wanted an adhesive where she could basically drop the extension on the natural lash and move on! This would speed the whole process and frustration she was feeling up. 

This new adhesive Bespoke loves 32% RH and above. It has a thinner consistency with an instant, long lasting bond. Less is more! This is Kim’s new favorite adhesive. Why is it her favorite adhesive? It’s a 0.5-1 second adhesive. Now YOU finally get to share Kim’s secret adhesive. 

The retention of this adhesive is nothing short of a miracle. Our lash clients comment of ‘their’ improved retention, and ask if we are doing something different? Hello, we are using our amazing NEW Bespoke lash adhesive.

The pricing will be $49 for 10ml bottles, as a launch price.  

WARNING: BESPOKE is an EXPERT level adhesive. It can only be used with a glue ring! 0.5 seconds is not enough time to use a jade ring, or another method that’s further away from the natural lash line. 

BESPOKE hates working in temperatures above 69F and 21C.

This is a client who came for a lash fill after being too busy to get in to see me for 4 weeks. She travels 75 miles each way to get her lashes done.
This is 4 weeks later after using black BESPOKE lash adhesive.
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