How Safe are the Products You are Using on Your Clients? Over 1300 Beauty Ingredients Banned in Europe, but Not in the USA

How Safe are the Products You are Using on Your Clients? Over 1300 Beauty Ingredients Banned in Europe, but Not in the USA

Did you know that beauty products, and this includes our industry, have 1300 beauty banned ingredients in Europe? 1300? How safe are the products you are using on our clients? It seems crazy, when you consider that the FDA has banned 11 ingredients, total! Yes you are reading that correctly. I always joked that products made in Europe were 10 times safer, than products made here in the USA, but actually, they are 1000 times safer. You have to wonder why there is such a discrepancy in safety?

In this industry, I have always put safety above all else. I have had the opportunity to offer products that I felt were not safe enough, and I had to decline and lose huge money by being the first to market with new innovations. I remember back in the day, around 7 years ago, when I was sent samples of a lash perm. I tried it on a client, and realized that the product was a watered down hair perm. The odor was so strong, my eyes were watering, and I was not happy with the ingredients they had used. Remember that these strong chemicals, were being used around peoples eyes. We are obliged as representatives in this industry, to put our clients safety above all else.

This is why I have been working with a company that makes products according to European standards for years, to perfect a lash and brow perm. Not only is it super safe, but after the lashes are brows have been curled or straightened, the second step is ONLY 90 seconds. 90 seconds! We are super proud of this accomplishment. All the ingredients found in our latest lash and brow lifts, are the safest in the world. Besides safety, we have achieved being the first in the world to use click pens to dispense the product. This makes the whole process super easy.

Not only is our lash lift and brow lamination safe, we are very serious about all the products we offer. Lets take a look at our lash remover. A few years back, most of the removers in the world were banned for an ingredient that could cause potential damage to the client. We never had a problem at all, as our remover was made according to EU standards, and already safe. We have recently launched Rapid Flex which cures the adhesive so much faster as well. This product is made in Europe as well, so you know that you can use it on your clients knowing that they are always safe.

Our adhesives are also a super important safety issue for me. Our clear adhesives are for the more sensitive client, as it does not contain carbon. We have found over the years, that this has made a huge difference. An adhesive with low odors was super important to us as well, as this would hinder clients forming allergies. Again, safety, safety, safety. How safe are the products you are using? Have you checked the ingredients in them? Are you trying to skimp and save costs by buying your adhesives on places like Alibaba or Amazon? Remember that a bottle of adhesive that costs $49, has 200 drops per bottle. That will cost you 0.25 per drop. This is super cheap when you are doing a set of lashes that cost your clients $145-$350. Put their safety first, and you will have a loyal client.


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