London Brows Black Low Humidity Lash Adhesive

London Brows Black Low Humidity Lash Adhesive

London Brows black low humidity lash adhesive is a game-changer. This is the adhesive I have searched for and endorse! This lash adhesive is being sold for the past 7 years, and where has the time gone?

If you know anything about me personally, you will know that I am fixated on the safety aspects of lash adhesives. I cannot imagine using anything that’s not ultra-safe, around my client’s precious eyes. Safety has always been my number one priority and will continue to be in all the products we offer on our website.

This is for the expert or beginner lash artist. Low fumes and it works on clients who ALWAYS tear, without any issues. I use it for classic and volume lashes. If you are working at the OPTIMUM humidity, the black low humidity lash adhesive works at an incredible speed. From the adhesive to the lash and you have instant adhesion. No more stickies to work with, thus saving your time. Yes, I still go back and check if I need to separate any lashes just in case, but I am in LOVE with this adhesive.

  • For Experienced or beginner Lash Professionals
  • Drying time 1-2 seconds
  • Lasts 5/6 week or until the end of the lash cycle
  • Rich Dark Black Thin consistency
  • Low, low, low fumes
  • Great for sensitive clients
  • LATEX Free
  • Use with glue ring only
  • Works best under 70F /20C
  • Works Best in 20 – 50% humidity


I have seen the BEST retention when the humidity and temperature are kept at these levels. The adhesive works at lower or higher humidities, but you have to adjust the amount of lash adhesive you are using. I use less low humidity adhesive when the humidity falls below 30% or goes above 50%, to achieve that instant bond to the natural lash.

If you are working at higher temperatures than suggested above, it can change everything about this low humidity lash adhesive. I have used it at 25C, at a humidity level of 55%, and it’s worked very well. The temperature is key, and some summers can be brutal on the work we as lash artists do.

Are concerned about the value of your bottle of black low humidity lash adhesive? We did the math for you. There are 200 drops of adhesive in each bottle. That will cost you 25 cents per drop, and if you are like me, I change out my addy twice during an infill. It is costing me only 50 cents per client for their infill. This is a bargain in my books.

Refrigerate up to 6 months safely before you open your bottle of black low humidity lash adhesive. So when you see your favorite lash adhesive on sale, grab some extra and store it safely away.

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