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Rapid Flex Lash Adhesive Bonder


Rapid Flex Lash Adhesive Bonder

Rapid Flex Lash Adhesive Bonder was designed so as to speed up the curing process of the lash adhesive. If a client needs to go to the restroom, we use a micro swab and place some product on the adhesive to rapidly cure it. After we have completed the lash set or fill, we apply some Rapid Flex on the base of the lashes. This helps cure the adhesive much faster. We tell our clients that they can wet their lashes after 4 hours.


Ingredients: Ethanol; humectants; plant extracts 10;  Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone; silicone; vitamins; emulsifiers, sorbitan stearate; carbomer; preservatives; perfume oils; coloring agents; water.